D I V E  D E E P


Bright and dedicated innovators have an extensive range of skills to share, yet due to geographical, financial or opportunity-wise limitations, the creative flow is paralyzed and not realized in more significant and impactful measures. 

On the other side of the receiving end, innovations that respond to multiple global problems are out of sight. R & D expenditures are rising since companies are looking for answers to issues that have already been invented or can be realized. 


a range of opportunities tailored to your checklist   



linked along specific markers with continuous narrowing down



I am Blanka Novák, a 20-year-old university student. I have been dedicated to microbiology-pharmacology research, that gained several international recognitions and awards. 


Inspired by the rich scientific experiences, I founded "Drop the STEM podcast” that has over 10,000 listens, becoming one of the fastest-growing global youth scientific podcast while receiving on-site invitations to conferences and science fairs. I connected people from distant parts of the world, and several research groups have been formed while working in public outreach and scientific communication areas. 


I noticed that minds permeated with a similar passion for research are firmly connected, but later on, these bonds become loose or not even realized, missing the likelihood of developing further world-altering professional connections. STEMPOOL ventures to dissolve these borders and galvanize advancement for a brighter tomorrow. 

Photo Credit: RTL Klub, Forbes Hungary